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Propeller Repair & Race Prep Tuning

3 day Turnaround!!!!
Call Augustin 949-394-3236

24 Hour Turnaround Available!!!!! (Rush Fee Applies)

Complete Propeller and Impeller Repair Services

Our technicians have over 26 years experience in virtually all fields of propellers and impellers including offshore race propellers, V drives, I/O’s, outboards and watercraft impellers. Cutting Edge Propellers will give you the expert repair, tuning and guidance you require to achieve the maximum results you are looking for! All propellers are trued and balanced prior to being hand polished to a mirror finish. (polishing not included on aluminum). Click here for prop repair pricing.

Cutting Edge Race Prep Lab Service

Cutting Edge Race Prep Lab Service provides you with a maximum efficiency propeller that will run 3-5 MPH faster than a non-labbed props. Increase your speed, fun factor, and fuel mileage with a Cutting Edge Race Prep Labbed Propeller. Service includes thinning, matching, truing and balancing of your propeller’s blades. Your prop is then sharpened to nearly a razors edge with our signature “cutting edge” blade tip. Polishing on labbed props is optional but not recommended.

Call for pricing.