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All our propellers are manufactured 100% in the USA using ONLY virgin stainless steel for high performance.


All our propellers are manufactured 100% in the USA. Located in Southern California with over 30 years combined experience in high performance propeller tuning, manufacturing, testing and research. We only produce the finest stainless steel, race labbed propellers.


With over twenty three different models of labbed propellers, Cutting Edge Propellers can support engine configurations ranging from 1300 H.P. single, twin and tri-engine applications down to 150 H.P. outboard engines and everything in between.


Cutting Edge will give you the expert repair, tuning and guidance you require to achieve the maximum results you are looking for in your vessel! All propellers are trued and balanced prior to being hand polished to a mirror finish.


Whether you require a standard prop repair, custom tuning and or a blueprinted lab finish we can do it.  If for any reason you don’t like our propellers we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price!