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About Our Labbed Propellers

Cutting Edge Labbed Propellers can be manufactured in diameters ranging from 14 1/2″ to 15 3/8″. Our standard diameter propellers are a true 15 1/4″ diameter. Other prop makers claim their props to be 15 1/4″ but are actually 15 1/8″ or less. As a result, Cutting Edge Series III Labbed Propellers have more blade area, less prop slip, better acceleration, improved handling and higher performance than other props on the market.

Available in pitch sizing from 20 to 36, all Cutting Edge Series III Labbed Propellers are race lab finished with nearly razor sharp edging, larger blade area and more built in cup than our competitors props, which result in more lift, less slip and higher top-end speeds. We can build you a custom propeller designed exactly to your setup needs. Just call to discuss it with us!

Cutting Edge Series III Labbed Propellers can be vented for outboard two-cycle engines for only $75.00!!! This includes 4 vent holes or if you want different sizing or more venting just ask and we will manufacture whatever venting you may desire!!

Professional labbing is the process where propellers blades are thinned, trued, balanced and matched. Our labbed props are then sharpened to a nearly razor sharp edge, allowing Cutting Edge Labbed Propellers to run 3-6 mph faster than our competitors props! The bottom line results are higher speed, fun factor, efficiency, and fuel economy.

Cutting Edge Series III Labbed Propellers come in both, right and left (standard and counter rotating) as well as matched right and left sets and all use the same Flo Torq hub as the Mercury Marine Bravo 1 props!

Cutting Edge Series III Labbed Propellers are manufactured one off, and one at a time and are not produced in a high production propeller facility the way so many other prop manufacturers operate. Made individually, to exacting standards, our propellers are manufactured with the highest degree of quality, accuracy and attention to detail.

All Cutting Edge Series III Labbed Propellers are manufactured 100% in the USA at our facilities in Southern California.

Cutting Edge Series III Labbed Propellers provide an extremely high quality product at a very reasonable price.

Your Cutting Edge Labbed Propellers include detailed manufacturing of the hub and blades, lab work, balancing and razor sharp race prep edging. Our props fit Bravo 1 drives, XR drives, Speedmaster drives, outboards and virtually all types of drive applications with the use of the proper Flo-Torq hub kit.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! If for any reason you don’t like our propellers, let me know within a few days and I’ll be happy to take them back unused. Just ship them back and we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price!!!!

We can lab finish your current propeller!!! And, we also perform professional prop tuning, with our technicians having over 26 years experience in race propeller manufacturing, development, and race tuning, we can provide any modifications you require on any prop to get your performance, rpm and application just right! We have many other props available, just ask!

Solid stainless steel Flo-Torq hubs installed to fit Bravo XR drives and other Mercruiser drives with 1 1/4 shaft, $175.00.